Diffusers & Dispensers

Automatic & Manual Dispensor

Automatic and manual Dispenser is the perfect way to cleanup the hands both automatically and manually. It Works with Foam Cartridge and / or Foam Serum. 6 AA Batteries 1 or 2 or 3 consecutive foaming options. It gives 0.3 Ml foam each time.

Air Freshener Diffuser

Bader Al Bahrain’s collection of diffusers and air fresheners are the perfect way to fill any room with a sweet or spicy fragrance. For an easy and quick refresher, try one of our room sprays or diffusers to give your home a scent makeover! Browse our selection of essential oils and oil diffusers to refresh your home with aromatherapy blends guaranteed to enchant your senses.

Toilet Chlorine Device

The best device for make your WC hygiene and germs free with our Toilet Chlorine device. It is working in fully automatic with refillable catridges and available in three different colors of cartridges, 

Carpet Bukhoor

Our carpet bukhoor keeps your sofa and carpet clean and fresh. our device perfectly work with any kind of sofas and carpets to keep them fresh and good smell.

Electric Bukhoor Diffuser

Electric Bukhoor Diffuser is best for placing in hotels, meeting rooms, malls, exhibitions halls,  stores etc..to give a best fragrance experience for your place. available in three different colors. users can setup the device working time manually .