Air Freshener Diffuser

Air Freshener Diffuser

Bader Al Bahrain’s collection of diffusers and air fresheners are the perfect way to fill any room with a sweet or spicy fragrance. For an easy and quick refresher, try one of our room sprays or diffusers to give your home a scent makeover! Browse our selection of essential oils and oil diffusers to refresh your home with aromatherapy blends guaranteed to enchant your senses.


  • Outer Size : L86*W83*H238 mm
  • Weight : 400 g
  • Material :ABS
  • Battery: 2 pcs AA

Techno Parameter

  • Electrical Source Voltage : DC3V
  • static Current : 20uA
  • Working Current : 500mA
  • Power 1.5 W

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