Oxy Bukhoor Device

An Exotic Mix of Pineapple, tropical fruits and cocunut.

Oxy Bukhoor Device

Programmable Air Freshness System

One Dispenser, Two cartridge Options

Oxy Bukhoor Device is the perfect odor control system for any establishment as the user can program the dispenser to work for 30, 60 or 90 days,and can select different fragrance intensity levels with the flexibility of two different cartridges sizes to choose from.

Cartridges available with 3 flavors ( Crush, Zing, Glow)


An Exotic Mix of Pineapple, tropical fruits and cocunut.


Juicy black cherries, with a hint of almond, plum, vanilla and cinnamon spice.


a freshly sliced, mouthwatering mandarin fragrance sweetened by lush, juicy orange.


The Regular cartridge works for 30 days and is the ideal choice to replace aerosols,gels, sprays or other passive systems. The cartridge contain 20Ml of pure fragrance oil which amounts to about 4 times more fragrance oil than a standard metered aerosol can.

Lowest Cost -in-use

When using the Grande Cartridge, the dispenser can be programmed to work for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. the cartridge contains 35 Ml of pure fragrance oil, that is approximately 7 times more fragrance oil than standard metered aerosol can. The fragrance intensity can be changed too a strong (30 days), Normal(60 days) or (90 days) mild Bukhoor.

World's Best Odor Control System






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